Poetical Movement Within Art

Friday, March 16, 2018
Saturday, May 5, 2018
two art images side by side, left: abstract build; right: moon rise over water

by Anthony Chiarella

I have come to think of the art of language as being much more than our speaking, listening, reading and writing to one another. Language is a multifaceted tool for communication that operates on many different levels: in the way we gesture with our bodies; in the design, colour and texture of our clothing; in the culturally-specific ways we prepare meals; in the architecture of our enclosures; in the mathematics of our engineering; in the composition of music; in the movement of a folk dance or the high choreography of ballet; in the style of a painting or a carved surface. Through the use of these various forms of language, we engage in many disciplines that are called Arts and Sciences, practices essential to our physical survival and the expression of meaning.

Opening: March 16 @ 7:00PM

More information is available in CANVASs Vol. XXI #2

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The Law of Love
Amsterdam Opera House