workday by Timothy Joel Dyck

Friday, March 10, 2017
Saturday, April 29, 2017
old pair of boots, plant drawing, stylized tree with multicoloured leaves

Opening: March 10, 7:30pm

In the past five years, three young Winnipeg artists have been making their presence known in the community and have developed impressive lists of exhibits and collections. We are pleased to show some of their current work at the Gallery.

Timothy Joel Dyck

is a photographer who is interested in the interplay between people and nature. He looks for what isn’t always noticed. His portraits incorporate as much of the event and place as they do of the people captured in his work.

Timothy works primarily in film, which does not allow for manipulation in the way the digital process does.

Using a mix of control and coincidence in which humankind and nature overlap, Timothy records the ways our actions have an impact on our spaces. The obscure beauty that comes about through composition is a strange kind of thing that happens all the time, but usually unconsciously and often goes unnoticed.

Of this exhibit, Timothy says, “workday is an exploration of the banal components of work. There are many avenues to be explored in how something is made, and this exhibition focuses on the banal, the mundane, the overlooked.

An art object is the result of many factors combining to create something that can engage insight in the viewer. An art object can be measured as the culmination of hours of labour, cost of materials, the skill of the creator, or intended revelation of new ideas.

workday focuses on the minutiae of the job. In the grinding, menial, and often indifferent work environment, it can be easy to plod along, function without experience. Instead of succumbing to such numbness, the viewer is shown new vantage points within the structure of the day, from which to reframe the mundane.

There is nothing inherently special or profound in any of these items, but perhaps re-framing one’s perception allows a new understanding of the work day.”

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workday - Great Start to the Morning
workday - Goodby Holland and Blue Skys
workday - Air Jordan Style
workday - 8 square nails
workday - 2 Year Old Boots